Tardis Database

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Using the database

This database enables you to search through our entire archive of data that we have sourced.

About the data:

All the data held in the Tardis database is referenced to a location (generally a building) on the maps. Each such Tardis Number (phone box icon) links to information usually found in church and county archives. Some of the reference details change with the age /edition of the map – this is sorted by the Tardis Tours engine – such that for instance Ordnance Survey Field numbers, 1919 Auction Lot numbers, field use and areas, tenants names are accessed through clicking on the building concerned.


You can search for a name, address, date, keyword or Tardis number. Tardis numbers are our referencing system based on time and location.

Search Criteria:

You can search for any word or keyword that appears in the data. For example, you may use the name of a person, a house or even the tithe number of the map if you know it. Search results can then be filtered to bring you the data you want.

For easy access to this data, try using the Tardis Tours interactive map

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Tardis No. Title Description Media Tithe No. Date View Entry
504The Old George Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
502The Crypt Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
220Still HousetextView Entry
215Beauchamp Arms Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
213Church Cottage file1919View Entry
209Berkswelltext1952View Entry
209The Rectorytext02003View Entry
208St Mary's Closetext1980View Entry
207The Willows auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
206New Ann Cam School auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
205Bayfield Gardens (Part) Auction Schedule (Lot53)file1919View Entry
204Bayfield Gardens (Part) Auction Schedule (Lot52)file1919View Entry
203Shakesfield Auction Schedule (lot56)file1919View Entry
202Shakesfield Auction Schedule(Lot 55)file1919View Entry
201Maypole Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
20000Dymock WW1, WW2 victimsSpread sheet of WW1 and WW2 victims from Dymock file1914View Entry
200Steppes and Trisant Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
199Great Wadley Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
197Well House Garage Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
196Stoneberrow Place 1text1919View Entry
196Stoneberrow Place 2text01919View Entry
196Stoneberrow Place 3text01919View Entry
196Stoneberrow Place Auction Schedulefile1919View Entry
195The Old Post OfficeAuction Schedulefile1919View Entry
194Crown Inn (part1)text01919View Entry
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  • Tardis Number: The Tardis Number is our referencing system based on time and location.
  • Title: The title given to the data in our records.
  • Description: A short summary of the information we have on file so you can see at a glace what it is.
  • Media: Lists any images, sound, files or other media the record contains.
  • Tithe Number: The Tithe Number is a map referencing system. We use it to identify map locations.