Arts and Crafts

“Arts and Crafts” in Kempley


John Betjeman described the Church of St Edward the Confessor as “a mini-cathedral to the Arts & Crafts Movement”.  The links on this page provide information on the Arts & Crafts Movement of the 19th and 20th Century, Symbolism in Arts & Crafts, Key players in the construction of St Edward’s church and examples of the Arts and Crafts at St Edward’s. 


It should not be forgotten that the frescoes, wall paintings and other artefacts at St Mary’s church, Kempley also reflect arts and crafts of the 12th – 19th centuries in Britain albeit the artists and artisans involved were probably from other European countries.


The Arts and Crafts Movement


Arts & Crafts Symbolism


The Architect and Key Craftsmen


External Architectural Artefacts


Internal Architectural Features


Furniture and Fittings


The Lady Chapel


Church Ironware