Aerial Photographs

The aerial photos were taken in July 1966 from a Tiger Moth airplane. Images were reproduced as framed prints and sold door-to-door – pre global satellite and continued to be marketed in subsequent decades to new owners of each home. By 2006 with the advent of Google Satellite imagery, these images became a significant historical record for comparison – and provide the Tardis Tourist with a virtual map of the 5 flight paths across the Kempley/ Dymock district of today. Note for example the Travellers Rest services at Jn.4 of the 1959 constructed M50. (Tardis Nº 250).

Browsing this photo record like browsing a map, it is often the peripheral information that is the most illuminating.

Here is a literal snapshot of July 1966 – most of the gardens are productive vegetable gardens, the close proximity of orchards (or plecks), the commercial businesses – the dairy yard with its churns, the bottling plant, the brickyard, the bakery - and, of course, the wealth of chapels, vicarages and church buildings.

Spot the Tardis phone box on the Green (Tardis Nº53, next to the WWII memorial bus shelter.)

The aerial photos are copyright of SkyViews Film library and are not available for download. They have a library of some 10 million UK aerial photos - but no way of relating the negative's number to the street location.

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